WhatsApp Working on Letting Users Turn Themselves into a Sticker

Earlier this year, WhatsApp announced that it would soon be adding support to the app so that users could communicate with animated emojis, also known as stickers. At the time, however, it didn’t give any indication of when these new features would arrive in the app. Now, at least one APK teardown of WhatsApp has indicated that support for these stickers will be arriving soon (via Android Police). It’s not clear what the exact rollout schedule will be like, or which devices will get sticker support first.

What are Selfie Stickers?

Selfie Stickers allow you to turn yourself into a sticker that can be used in chats with friends and family. The fun images are created using your own photo and can be animated to do different things. You can also choose to make the selfie still or use it as an emoji for your messages.

1) First, download WhatsApp Selfie Stickers from the App Store or Google Play store. It is free!

2) Open the app and tap on Start Camera. Take a selfie of yourself and snap it so it looks good! If you want to use an existing photo, tap Choose Photo instead.

Is WhatsApp Next in Line?

If you’ve ever had your email hacked, there’s a good chance that the hacker started by trying to guess the password. With WhatsApp, however, it can be difficult to know who is using your phone number or account. If someone has access to your device and knows how to use WhatsApp, they can start sending messages to you or change your profile picture and status message without being noticed. It might be time for WhatsApp users to consider taking these simple steps to stop someone from using their accounts:

How to Use This Feature – My Take

A lot of people have asked me what WhatsApp is working on. So, I did some research and found out that they are working on letting users turn themselves into a sticker. This would allow you to send messages in the form of an animated selfie. It would be more private than sending pictures back and forth because the message will be sent through your account without the recipient knowing who it came from. This feature may not be available until late 2018, but if you’re curious about how to stop someone from using your WhatsApp number or how to stop receiving WhatsApp messages when you’re busy or how to stop someone from using your account, this post may help!

How to stop someone from using my WhatsApp account

 How to stop someone from using my WhatsApp number?

If you have lost your phone, or have been pressured by a person to give them your WhatsApp details, this is what you need to do:

1. Log in to your account and delete the last seen.

 2. Check the Last Active date, if it is more than 24 hours ago – then no one has accessed it since you were last there.

 3. Set up a new password and make sure you remember it!

 4. Contact WhatsApp support with your number so they can disable it remotely, just in case someone else tries to use it while they’re doing this for you.


If you want to stop someone from using your WhatsApp account, there are a few steps you can take. First, go to the app’s Settings menu and tap Account then Privacy. Here, you’ll see an option called Who can contact me? Make sure that this is set to My Contacts, or whoever it is that you want to be able to contact you through the app.