18 Tools for E-commerce Marketing Automation

In this Article, we’ll go over a handful of the most useful e-commerce marketing tools.

Compared to ten or even five years ago, the career of a marketer is considerably different now. Like many other industries today, marketing is always evolving and expanding, and thanks to new technologies, marketers’ responsibilities are finally becoming easier to handle.

What Is E-commerce Marketing, though, first?

E-commerce marketing is a tactic used to promote a business that offers its products or services online. E-commerce marketing attempts to drive traffic to an online store, convert that traffic into paying customers and retain those customers once they make a purchase.

What Does Marketing Automation Mean For E-Commerce?

In the eyes of their customers, marketers are striving for a brand name and a distinctive culture. In this situation, marketing automation makes sense. You benefit in the following ways from it:

By using automation tools, you can increase sales.

Time-saving: It does away with the requirement to provide information to different client groups separately.

The ideal e-Commerce marketing instruments are effective. Some examples of these responsibilities include establishing payment options, communicating with clients, and keeping in touch with your personnel.


Effective Marketing Automation Tools for E-commerce 

1 ActiveCampaign

For smaller businesses, ActiveCampaign is a comprehensive marketing automation platform with a number of features that increase efficiency. Its user-friendly interface and versatility make it a great tool for beginners. Its main traits are as follows:

  • Email creator with drag-and-drop capabilities
  • Optimization for Social Media Contact
  • Integrations already installed
  • SMS Promotion
  • Email Design Templates


The most affordable plan has a monthly fee of $9 and a monthly contact limit of 500 for $229. Depending on the size of your mailing list, this number fluctuates.

The most affordable plan has a monthly fee of $9 and a monthly contact limit of 500 for $229. Depending on the size of your mailing list, this number fluctuates.

2- Drip

Drip, which is promoted as a marketing automation tool for B2C companies, is brimming with cutting-edge capabilities that may help marketers manage email drip campaigns. There are several pre-built email templates included in it that can guide beginners through the campaign design process.

These are the key characteristics;

  • Leading Scorer 
  • Email Address Capture Campaign 
  • Template 
  • Workflow Designer 
  • Subscriber List Management 


Starting at $19 a month, prices for plans increase.

3- SendX

A cost-efficient and user-friendly email e-commerce automation tool made exclusively for small business owners is called SendX. features a simple pricing structure that offers unlimited email sending at no additional cost.


  • template emails
  • enable you to send emails indefinitely.
  • Simple to Use Email Editor


The cost of SendX is simple; you are only charged based on the number of subscribers you have. It begins at $7.49 per month (paid annually) and increases depending on the number of subscribers you have.

HubSpot 4

For its broad toolset, which includes live chat, marketing, services, and sales Hubs, HubSpot is well-known in the SaaS sector. Automation software is one of its most appealing features.

Some of the key attributes of HubSpot include the following:

Coding is not necessary.

It effortlessly communicates with HubSpot’s CRM Visual editor to customize your email messages.

You may automate emails, messages, lead scores, webhooks, and a variety of other tasks.


An onboarding cost of $3000 to $6000 is required for commercial marketing automation solutions and highly qualified candidates. Prices normally range from $800 to $2500 aside from that. There is also a free trial period of 30 days.

5. Persevering

Retainful is a user-friendly and effective email marketing automation technology that boosts sales automatically. Even when you’re not around, send automated welcome emails, order follow-up emails, thank-you emails, and cart abandonment emails to customers. Utilize a referral program to bring in new clients, and next-order incentives to encourage recurring business. To launch your email campaign quickly, use pre-built email templates and modify them with the Drag & Drop email editor.


builder of customer journeys

ready-made email and workflow templates

Adaptive coupon codes

referral bonuses

Exit intent popups and email collection

No-code  email editor


The pricing plans offered by Retainful are transparent and do not contain any additional fees.  Its starting pack costs $19 per month, with the Growth plan costing $49 per month and the Professional plan costing $199 per month. You can choose how many contacts you want to pay for.

Deskera 6

Deskera is an all-in-one platform for managing your online store. The software offers a variety of solutions to expand your online business, from online invoicing to CRM.

The following Deskera features are effective:

With integrated automation tasks for manual operations, automate all of your accounting chores.

Increase lead generation with a simple CRM.

Faster payroll processing and workflow design for hire

Create stunning websites without knowing any code.


The monthly pricing for the Startup plan is $99, the Essential plan is $199, and the Professional plan is $499 per person.


Prospect.io is an excellent automated marketing tool that businesses primarily use to manage lead creation and sales. Whether you’re engaged in lead generation or another sort of marketing outreach, it’s crucial.

Prospect.io’s salient features include:

Create email campaigns and automated emails.

Find and verify email addresses

Other CRMs, such as Slack and Zapier, are also integrated.


Each user of Prospect.io must pay a $35 monthly subscription price. Also included is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

8 – Marketo

Marketo is a well-known marketing automation technology that aids companies in streamlining marketing tasks and boosting productivity. B2B and B2C marketing firms may target qualified prospects and do much more thanks to the platform.


a set of effective tools

It functions best if you also have other Adobe applications like Target installed.

Management of leads for business-to-business marketing


The prices for the monthly membership plans range from $895 to $3195. There is no mention of a free trial on the website.

9. Autopilot

Autopilot is one of the graphically appealing marketing automation procedures. Its graphic editor is incredibly easy to use, straightforward, and pleasant.

A straightforward auto-responder centered on a time series can be made, even if its system is normally used for more complex messages and targeting.

The essential attributes of Autopilot are as follows:

Slack/email sharing and result wheel annotation are also great tools for teamwork.

Templates that are attractive.


You don’t need to provide your credit card information to sign up for a 30-day free trial. The costs per month range from $49 to $249.

10 . SendInBlue

Initially a digital business, SendInBlue transformed over time into a powerful email marketing tool and a well-known marketing automation platform. They also have some cutting-edge features, such as reporting and lead scoring.

The following are Sendinblue’s primary traits:

Adapts to your level of technical expertise

integrated A/B testing

Integration with other Sendinblue products is straightforward.


You can send 300 emails each day under the initial free plan. The Lite package, which costs $25 per month, gives you access to 40,000 email sends. Prices for the Premium plan begin at $66 per month.

11. GetResponse

One of GetResponse’s most important benefits is that it works well for both small and large businesses. You can do more in a shorter amount of time thanks to this marketing automation software. The key traits of GetResponse are as follows:

You can drag and drop blocks.

Automated template formats

emails concerning empty shopping carts


There are four alternatives available with GetResponse. The pricing ranges from $15 to $1999 for 1000 customers. The price increases as you add more people to your email list.

12. Omnisend

In order to create the best omnichannel strategy for your business, Omnisend combines a number of promotional tools. It’s a potent method for end-to-end activities as well. In-depth statistics are also provided, which helps you manage data and gives you a better understanding of how the marketing strategy is being implemented.

The following are Omnis End’s primary attributes:

Multipurpose Content Editor.

Significant Integrations Campaign Booster

forms with dynamic changes

Automation Pricing

In addition to the free choice, there are three premium ones. The ‘Standard’ plan is $16 a month, the ‘Pro’ plan costs $99 a month, and the ‘Enterprise’ plan is a quote-based plan that you may customize to match your needs.

13- Keap Keap,

 formerly known as InfusionSoft, is a private provider of email marketing services for SMBs. InfusionSoft has you covered whether you want to increase your revenue, client retention rate, and lead handling. Its technological services and automated marketing are primarily focused on helping smaller businesses grow and succeed.

It lessens the need for repetitious manual tasks including contact management, billing, and follow-up.

Important traits of InfusionSoft include:

A campaign builder featuring drag-and-drop capabilities as well as a number of other marketing automation technologies

control over multimedia marketing


The base edition of InfusionSoft is available for $79 per month and may be upgraded to $199 per month. Additionally, a 14-day free trial is available.

14. Ontraport

A software called Ontraport enables companies to automate their procedures. One of Ontraport’s most important aspects is its emphasis on reporting and insights.

Some of the key characteristics of Ontraport include the following:

Join the different marketing resources offered by Ontraport.

Prepared templates should be accessible for quick content development.

Make complex goals and funnels for your marketing.


No credit card is required for the initial 14-day free trial offered by Ontraport. Paid subscriptions start at $79 per month for 1000 contacts and increase to $497 per month for 20,000 connections or more.


A CRM hub or “bay” is integrated with the advertising automation technology known as EngageBay. It is designed for startups and small businesses. The ease of use of EngageBay for novice entrepreneurs and newcomers to the business world without technical understanding is its most important characteristic.

With the help of this program, which offers a wide variety of adjustable automation possibilities, marketing automation is as easy as eating pie.

EngageBay’s essential features include:

A/B testing, automation, and monitoring of emails

Monitoring social media in real time

Utilize the built-in builder to create your popup forms and landing pages.

Drag-and-drop functionality in an automation designer


Marketing automation from EngageBay and many more solutions are free to use. The All-in-One is an upgradeable option.

16. Pardot

In the automation sector, Pardot, a key component of SalesForce, initially debuted in 2006. This marketing automation solution is best suited for large organizations because it could take some time to understand it.

Some of the most desirable characteristics of the automated software include the following:

more sophisticated marketing campaigns

Before launch, campaigns are double-checked.

Analytical Marketing for B2B Businesses

connected to a number of platforms


The least expensive subscription is $1250 a month, while the most expensive feature is $4000. Additionally, the product has a 30-day free trial period.

17- Mautic 

Mautic is the only readily available alternative on this list and is another top-notch marketing automation solution.

It has excellent features like automated drip campaigns that can help you ease your workload and maximize the effectiveness of your marketing plan.

Some of the popular aspects of Mautic include the following:

Automate as soon as you can

Monitoring is easy.

Email and campaign workflow


The software’s entry-level package is totally free. The monthly cost of the premium plans starts at $100 and increases from there.

18. Moosend

With the help of Moosend, an email marketing solution, many time-consuming tasks can be automated so that advertisers can focus on developing and maintaining relationships with their customers.

Some of Moosend’s more noticeable characteristics include the following:

Dividing Advanced Lists into Sections

Forms for Individualised Opt-In:

Automated Workflows Already Constructed:

Consumer assistance

Drag-and-drop Pricing for Landing Page Creator

A lifetime free plan is available from Moosend if you have fewer than 1,000 email subscribers. If you don’t have more than 2,000 members, their monthly subscription rates begin at $8.

19- Offer18

Offer automation enables you to manage campaigns based on statistics such as sales, CR, CTR, eCPM, gross and unique clicks, and more. With this automation tool, you may stop it or get an alarm, and it’s fairly easy to use.

Principal traits include;

There is no need for manual oversight.

The optimization of many measures, including CR, CTR, eCPM, and RPC.

You may utilize your traffic more effectively.


The three pricing options for Offer18 are displayed below. Also available is a 30-day free trial. On a per-unit basis, $49. Conversion basics: $149 monthly for Conversion Enterprise, $349 per month.

20- Genoo

Workflow management is made easier by a number of capabilities on the cloud-based platform Genoo. It provides a centralized data store, as well as editors for developing imaginative landing pages and leads capture forms. Principal traits include;

Campaigns using email drip Campaign ROI tracking with CRM Analytics Managing Contacts

Management of Leads and Campaigns


The first feature of Genoo costs $199.00 per month. They don’t offer a risk-free trial.

To sum up

You may customize your marketing and increase your revenue with the aid of marketing automation tools and database marketing. However, it might be challenging to stay up with changing marketing trends and handle everything on your own. Marketing automation tools are consequently growing in acceptance among marketers.

Choose the best CRM with marketing automation solutions for your company based on your spending limit, goals, and objectives.